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Welcome to Global Crypto Community Hub

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Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm which will grow your supply of coins as long as you are holding the coins. You will be rewarded for supporting the network by holding coins and running a node.

No need to spend money to buy machine. Guarantee to make money

ICO Pools

We at ICO pool, a collection of investor funds, pooled together with the sole intention of investing in an ICO. Our group of people get access to the Pool Research and assess the quality of any ICO.

Our ICO pool is not too public and open to everyone

Master Node Mining

Our masternodes represent the layer that is responsible for caring, cultivating and expanding the digital currency as a whole. It is also the layer that makes the governance and treasury decisions.

people can come and go freely. This makes it a more decentralized structure.


GCCHub is the community with integral part of the crypto currency and blockchain technology fabric and as such we will be on hand to provide decentralized, borderless and efficient services team players in the industry dedicated round-the-clock team with years of experience in blockchain & crypto currency technology, global finance and currency trading.

Why Us?

  • Once you become a contributor to our community. Your investment is further used in Pool mining. Pooling mining is different from singular mining and a lot more beneficial. Unity is the core of our community.

  • We have access to a large number of miners who have become the part of our community. More hands on deck, leads to more profit for the community and to you.

  • Our crypto-market analysis team shares the best trading practices to the community, again the result of this is the expansion of the community in many verticals.

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