Best projects go unnoticed by the community. Bridging the best projects with the people is GCChub’s mission.


Leading crypto communities only share knowledge but have no mechanism to share rewards within the community. But GCChub strives to create a global community that shares both the knowledge and creates an opportunity for the community to gain rewards.


Connecting the best projects with the best crypto community and serving as a bridge between the community and high potential projects is our mission. Our goal is to make GCChub the world’s number 1 crypto community and to make the projects that are supported by the community into successful ones.


GCChub’s motto is to create sustainable financial models ‘For the community, by the community, of the community.’

Core values

Our core values are inspired by our desire to build the strongest and a leading crypto community by engaging people with the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We are driven by the desire to build a reliant community that emphasizes on 'one for all' and, 'all for one'.


The GCChub community is a pillar that supports each and every one of its members. The community gets to decide the course of action taken by GCChub at every instance, chief among them being DAICO.


Through the DAICO model, the community gets to decide which projects receive its support and funding. It is a mechanism for self-governance that lets our members govern which projects get chosen by voting on each project, thereby determining the projects that receive support from the GCChub community.

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Disclaimer: GCChub is not an investment company or a hedge fund manager. We do not endorse or recommend investing in any particular crypto. We provide opportunities for staking crypto with crypto projects. The rewards that you get for staking entirely depends on the staked crypto and the crypto project.