Here are the answers to some of the questions that members frequently ask. Read to get an overview of what members do at GCChub.

What is a Crypto Community?

A crypto community is a network of crypto-enthusiasts, developers, traders, and miners who’ve come together to share their knowledge and ideas for the development of the community and the crypto space.

Why should you join a crypto community?

You get access to the latest news, insider news, expert opinions, best trading strategies, information on upcoming projects with high potential and much more.

Why is it important to identify the right project?

Legitimate and promising crypto projects are only but a few and identifying the right project is important to make constructive changes to the crypto ecosystem.

How to join GCChub?

You can join GCChub through a referrer or a sponsor who’s already a member of GCChub.

What is Staking?

Staking is the act of keeping your crypto coins at stake for earning active rewards proportional to the stake. At GCChub, everyone earns rewards for their stake in accordance with their contributions to the community.

How many members can I introduce to GCChub?

There is no limit to the number of members you can introduce.

What is Daico?

Daico is a system that is developed for transparent community governance. The community gets to decide on its course of action and to vote on the next big project to enlist.

Is there a limit on how much rewards I can get?

No. There isn’t. You decide how much rewards you get based on your staking and contribution.

What are the various clubs of GCChub?

Deciders, Believers, Converters, Builders, Millenials, GenX, Lambo, Mooning, Oberon, Callisto and Titan are the 11 different clubs at GCChub.

What are the types of Staking?

There is a type of staking available in GCChub, which is Regular Staking.

What are instant credit bonus rewards?

When you stake crypto, you get 100% instant credit bonus rewards of your staking amount.

How many types of reward options are there?

There are multiple reward options that you achieve as you start staking.

What are the wallets provided?

There are 5 types of wallet/balance options provided for user convenience.

How can you make use of wallets?

Based on your staking, you can use the balance transfer facility to make use of each of the 5 different wallets.

Why should I refer members to GCChub?

You should refer members to GCChub for the same reason why you were referred, to provide your neighbours and friends with financial independence .

How can I refer members?

You can refer members to GCChub by using your sponsor ID. New members you refer to GCChub can use your sponsor ID to join the community.

Who can I refer to on GCChub?

You can refer anyone, be it your neighbours, acquaintances, friends, or even family. Our community is made of close knit people who are all crypto proponents.

What are community gatherings?

To stay connected with our community, we regularly organize online and offline gatherings of our community.

How can I contact GCChub?

You can contact GCChub by sending an email to [email protected]

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