What is a Crypto-community?

Crypto-community is the sum of all the entities corresponding to the growth of cryptosphere. The entities or elements are Crypto miners, members (contributors), ICO advisories and management (Core) team. A Crypto-community has the power to generate huge rewards through pool mining and expert investments. A Crypto-community has skilled experts to guide the community members about the right investment so that the members witness a monumental rise in the contributions made by them.

What are the benefits of a Crypto-community?

Crypto-community comprises of skilled participants who are diversified in the many aspects of the cryptosphere. This lets all participants and contributors to reach a greater success in concerning cryptocurrency. A few of the most significant benefits are:

  1. Pool Mining
  2. Masternode Mining
  3. Specified ICO investments

These features result in the most rewarding returns for contributors. As masternode mining can’t be done by many, it is specially designed to ensure growth of a contributor’s stake. Pool mining results in higher rewards for the community. And contributing to the right ICO brings the right kind of gains for you.

Future of Crypto-community?

Crypto-community is he future of cryptosphere. As there are many ICOs with ponzi schemes the most secure way for stable returns and accountability is taking your contribution to the Crypto-community route. With amazing features such as Staking, Masternode and Pool Mining, Crtypto-community has become a strong force to reckon with. The growth of Crypto-community till this day has surpassed all projections.

What is Pool Mining?

For the uninitiated in the cryptoverse, mining requires a coder to solve the cryptographic puzzles. This ensures the blocks are intact and away from being corrupted. Once the coder or in this case miner completes the operation, the reward presents itself in the form of bitcoins.

This is the process of one miner, we at Bel Crypto have our mining farm, where a large number of techies continuously mine and set new blocks in the blockchain to make each block incorruptible.

Funding Crypto Startups. Choosing the right ICOs

Today, startups are everywhere, however it becomes vital to understand the concept behind a startup to fund it and gain substantial ROI. What a community does here is, it tries to comprehend the idea behind the start up.

The market analysis team takes charge to gather information if the startup would survive the cut throat cryptoworld.

What is Staking?

Staking is a term that means storing a particular cryptocurrency in your wallet for a defined period, which will let you earn interest on the same. Staking rewards are dependent on the time duration a longer stake duration will fetch you higher returns.

What are Masternodes?

A masternode is a server on a decentralized network. It is used to carry out unique functions in ways that can’t be carried out by ordinary nodes. Masternodes are utilized for features such as direct sending and instant transactions or to complete a private transaction.