What we do at GCC?

The process!

A note to all prospective investors!

It’s of critical importance for investors to know what their investments are used for? At Global Crypto Community (GCC) community we believe that transparency is the best way to gain trust. Here’s a list of projects that we undertake from the investments.

  1. Pool Mining
  2. Funding Crypto Start Ups
  3. Trading
  4. ICO Purchase

We shall see each of these virtues in detail and understand why it’s important to invest in these arenas for exorbitant growth in the cryptosector.

1. Pool Mining

For the uninitiated in the cryptoverse, mining requires a coder to solve the cryptographic puzzles. This ensures the blocks are intact and away from being corrupted. Once the coder or in this case miner completes the operation, the reward presents itself in the form of bitcoins. This is the process of one miner, we at Global Crypto Community (GCC) have our mining farm, where a large number of techies continuously mine and set new blocks in the blockchain to make each block incorruptible.

Why invest in Pool Mining?

As a community, collaboration plays a significant role in transforming one actionable activity to monetary benefits. The most rudimentary feature of mining is to verify each transaction in the blockchain and ensuring the ledger is intact. When pool mining is practiced the rewards are generally very high and sufficient for the growth and empowerment of the community. As a result investing here is highly beneficial for the investors.

2. Funding Crypto Startups

Today, startups are everywhere, however it becomes vital to understand the concept behind a startup to fund it and gain substantial ROI. What a community does here is, it tries to comprehend the idea behind the start up. The market analysis team takes charge to gather information if the startup would survive the cut throat cryptoworld.

Why invest in Funding Crypto Startups?

Being part of an influential community we have a say in start-up funding. The community sees a promising start-up idea will back that project up. One marvelous virtue of cryptoverse is that the ROI is generated quickly and investors are benefited as soon as the start-up shows results.

Master Nodes

Masternode is a cryptocurrency full node or computer wallet that keeps the entire copy of the blockchain in real-time, just like Bitcoin nodes is always up & running. However, masternodes are considerably different in their functionality than the usual nodes.

They are different because they perform several other functions apart from just keeping the full blockchain and relaying blocks or transactions as a full node does in Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Some of the special functions that these nodes perform are:

  1. Increased privacy
  2. Instant transactions
  3. A say in Governance and Voting
  4. Budgeting and treasury system in cryptos is enabled

These masternodes are not standalone but they are always communicating with other such nodes to make a decentralized network.

Enter GCC with Master Nodes

GCC is aware of the core values a master node has to offer, therefore the Global Crypto community ensures that all the master nodes are intact and in tandem, with their work flow. Each master node that has been created will be used to form the better governance and ensure privacy at every step of the transaction. Employing Maternodes brings a lot more control to the community and aids in the entries process of revenue generation.

Power nodes

It is established that Master nodes are a really great tool towards bringing a boost to the revenue stream but it’s the power nodes that help in staking of coins and have become the one of the most powerful tools used by leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin & Litecoin.

What does a power node actually do?

Power nodes help in Staking of cryptocurrencies. What do we mean by staking? Staking is a term that means storing a particular cryptocurrency in your wallet for a defined period, which will let you earn interest on the same. Staking rewards are dependent on the time duration a longer stake duration will fetch you higher returns.

GCC is incorporating Power Nodes to enhance profit. Power nodes pave the way in which the most powerful and efficient master nodes are combined to create a constructive element. A community which has the power to control stakes becomes a very strong and independent community.

Future of Crypto Community & Role of GCC

As government restrictions are slowly lifting, and cryptocurrency transforms into a more accepted mode of monetization. Even recently there has been a definite stance by Facebook to soften their hold on the crypto ads.

The boom in cryptocurrencies is fast approaching, and it is an excellent time for all those who will be a part of it. However, it is necessary to understand that only experts in the field can be the fair judge of the which projects/ICOs will be making it big.

As the cryptosphere is evolving at an exponential rate, the fate of the community is moving towards the creation of robust platforms that integrate both gamification and moderation.

How GCC fits in the future?
GCC is future ready!

GCC is an essential part of the future that will move the Crypto world. As GCC has a significant number of members, who are growing at an alarming rate.

Right from contributors to experts to a massive army of miners. GCC also brings Power Node specialists from across the globe to ensure substantial clout in the cryptosphere.

It would be safe to say that GCC will be shaping up the crypto community in every aspect. GCC holds the key to unlock many possibilities that are still to be tapped by the others.