Who We Are

Global Crypto Community (GCC) is a leading crypto community which keenly monitors the most significant elements in the cryptosphere. GCC partakes in the activities carried by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, miners, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The primary aim of the community is to gather news, know of development, be aware of implemented ideas, and look out for smart investment strategies for the enhancement of the crypto community.

There are many aspects of a crypto community GCC covers all the major aspects required to lead the cryptosphere from the front and guide the cryptonians towards the right way forward. GCC is the leading force behind the most successful ICOs that have shaped the cryptoverse. Being one of the highest membered crypto communities, GCC has transformed itself into a crypto network platform.

Right from staking to advising on power nodes, GCC takes into consideration the tiniest detail required to create a better crypto community that is robust and self-dependent. GCC is led by a team of skilled squad of crypto experts, blockchain developers and advisors from the best of people from crypto arena.

Strengths of Global Crypto Community

A community becomes the de facto primary source of news and development across all cryptocurrency channels. Well, this is just one of the many strengths/positives of the GCC.

The biggest strength of a community lies with its members. And the term “member” here refers to all the independent entities that have helped the formation of the Global Crypto Community. Right from the top level management to the newest member.

Let’s take a look at the various Strengths in detail

  • GCC has the power to support many ICOs by investing on them and guiding them to a successful path.
  • GCC has a mining farm with a set of skilled coders. Now, this boosts the profits for the community.
  • Master nodes to Power nodes GCC has a solid command over the happenings of the community.
  • Funding the right crypto startups, staking their coins and ensuring profitability to the community members.
  • Inclusion of DAICO for all decisions and voting. A democratic approach towards all forms of decision making.

Global Crypto community is future proofing the cryptosphere to bring about a lasting advantage to the sphere. This will ensure a better place for all the members of GCC.

Why GCC?

GCC has been created to bring about a permanent and ever lasting change in the cryptosphere. Many crypto enthusiasts have difficulty in choosing the right cryptocurrency. With GCC’s leading developers, skilled node managers and prominent strategists from across the globe it becomes fairly easy for the community to differentiate the good from the bad!

Members of the GCC will be benefited in many ways, as they will be informed in the fastest means possible about the changes, and development in the cryptoworld. Being one of the leading communities with the highest number of members, GCC forms a necessary part of the change that is needed in the cryptosphere.

Vision & Mission

The community aims to expand and diversify the different verticals in the cryptosphere by the year 2020. Our vision is simply we aim to make the community as big as possible by attracting the right kind of contributors. With a goal to make the community and its contributors, each and every contributor will become financially stable in the year 2020.